As part of our effort to foster collaborative work, Pas de Chocolat sponsors talks and workshops as opportunities arise. It's a lot of fun! Come check one out. Or if you'd like to host one with us, let us know!


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Workshop with Cara Oba
Traversing the Unknown
International Design Conference · Chicago

Aug. 23, 2019: In our work, design occurs in a partnership with our clients and resembles a dialogue. Clients may have an idea of what they want, but setting the course for action is not always clear at the outset. Research serves as our foundation. It allows us to build rapport, gather context, deepen understanding, and test assumptions. But, where do you go from there, and how? In this workshop, I’d like to share some of the methodologies we use in our practice for charting the unknown — the space created by problems of high complexity and interconnectedness. Our methods borrow from design, risk and project management, art practice, and common sense. I will share a little about how these methods have worked for us, and time permitting, will open it up to a discussion. Through thought experiments on “wicked problems,” we’ll evolve these methods as a group.

Workshop with Kyle McDonald
Machine Learning & Computer Vision with JavaScript

Jan. 15, 2019: Computer vision refers to a broad collection of techniques that allow computers to make intelligent assertions about what's going on in digital images and video. Interactive art has incorporated techniques from computer vision since the 1970s. In the last five years, machine learning has played a greater role in related problems like object recognition and image segmentation. This workshop will cover both topics.
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Free art+tech talk with Kyle McDonald

Jan. 14, 2019: If you are interested in combining technology, art and design but don't know where to start, this is for you. Kyle McDonald will briefly introduce his work, cover influences, and dig into the details of his process including everything from tools to budgets. No laptop or programming background is required.
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Kyle McDonald is an artist working with code. He creates interactive and immersive audiovisual installations, performances, and new tools for creative exploration. He uses techniques from computer vision, machine learning, networking, and computing to create unusual experiences.